The Basilica of Santa Maria in Impruneta is famous for the cult of the Virgin Mary, which has followed the discovery of the image of the Virgin. The picture of the Virgin Mary is traditionally ascribed to St.Luke the Evangleist and has been repainted by the British painter I.Hugford in 1758. The building has been restructured several times and contains remarkable works of art like ceramics of the Della Robbia and a temple of Michelozzo. In addition, the museum of the Treasure of Santa Maria in Impruneta has a collection of remarkable historical interest and of great artistic fascination.
Impruneta is also famous for its "Cotto". Its soils, which are rich in clay and iron, are particularly apt to be transformed into this high quality Terracotta, which has determined for many centuries Tuscan architecture.

Festivity of St. Luke - October 18th - a classical village fair with the charming "donkey race".
Festa dell'Uva ( Fair of the Grapes) - last sunday of september - a traditional fair that dates back to 1927 in which there is a parade of allegorical waggons and shows organized by each of the districts of the town.