ExtraVergin I.G.P Olive Oil

The olives produced by Fattoria Zucconi delle Massete are hand-picked when they are half-ripe and brought to an oil mill where they are pressed at low temperature. It has a very low acidity which does not reach 0,2%.The oil thus produced has an agreeable sweet-sour taste and the fragrance of green olives.It is therefore particularly suited as a dressing for salads and other




fresh vegetables but also for cooked dishes like pulses and minestrone. This oil can also be used for cooking or frying because it can stand very well high temperatures without developing harmful substances.
The olive harvest starts at the end of Oktober and goes on until the end of December. The first oil is the product of the early olives which are still not completely ripe. It is greener and has a lower level of acidity and a somewhat bitterish and spicy taste.
The new made oil can be bought from our farm even from the end of oktober.
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